At Fishing Creek Creamery we are dedicated to producing top-quality fresh and aged goat cheeses that reflect the unique “terroir” of the South Carolina upstate. We welcome you to visit us and try our products. By supporting our farm, you are supporting a movement to help grow small farms that are better for the animals, better for the land, and better for people everywhere.

Hands down, THE BEST feta I have EVER had!!!
Jerlyn Greulich
I think that this is the absolutely best cheese I have ever eaten. The feta is wonderful- creamy and mild. And we are eating the icing on crackers for dessert – savoring every bite.
Robin Hull Hogg Henley
Great cheese, great farm, great goats! I can’t wait to see how the creamery grows!
Katie Rishebarger
Absolutely the best cheese I have ever eaten. I think I have tried most of them.
Lib Cook
Great cheese. Grest people. Worth a visit.
Tom Williams
Love this place! Great cheese! Great icing and the ice cream is even better! We were so impressed!
Jennifer Stephenson
I have personally experienced Fishing Creek Creamery and I must say that I am a rather picky eater. Everything I have tried has been EXCELLENT!!! The hard work and dedication are obvious!
Frances Moffe Clark
My dad and I had a great time visiting the farm and getting a tour of the goat milking parlor and cheese room. The peach gelato and peanut butter gelato is like none other and the cranberry and walnut chèvre is fantastic!
Jessica Epps Wilkes